Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Microwave Install

Part of the kitchen remodel includes an over-the-stove microwave. This will free up a lot of counter space. Earlier in the work I installed a new electrical line specifically for the microwave, and also marked the stud locations on the wall behind the microwave.

The install kit includes bolts for securing the mounting plate to studs as well as hardware for mounting to the drywall.

The strongest method is securing the plate directly to the studs. In my case, the stud locations only allowed me to use one of the two studs. The right side of the microwave (the heavier side, by the way) is secured with three screws into the stud while the left side is secured with three drywall butterfly bolts.

As I was deciding which cabinets to order I was worried about the final height of the microwave. I'm around 6' 3" and didn't want the microwave blocking my view of the stove top because of it being placed too low, so I went with a slightly shorter cabinet above the stove than was recommended. After the cabinet was installed I could determine what size spacer would be best used between the cabinet and microwave. In my case, about 4" was ideal. 4" was also the height of the toe-kicks that I got for the lower cabinets.

A spacer was made with the toe-kick which works nicely to space the microwave where I want it. I need to do a little custom work for the mounting bolts now that go through the cabinet, because the bolts aren't made to handle anything longer than a 3" spacer. I'll go with longer bolts if I can find 'em.


Iowa Greyhound said...

That's a slick installation. Getting the microwave off the countertops saves so much space!

Jennifer said...

That was one of the best things we did for our kitchen, too! We hemmed and hawed for a long time about how tall that cabinet above the stove should be... we went shorter instead of taller, though. We need cabinet space!

Muskego Jeff said...

This will be the first time I've ever had the over-the-range microwave. The renovation I did a few years got one and I really liked how it cleared up the counter top. Realistically, it clears up 4 square feet of space. Since we went with taller cabinets after removing the soffit I still net plenty of extra storage.

JustSayGrr said... didn't mention so I'll ask. During your previous post where you settled on adding trim between the upper boxes there's a photo that's been bugging me. You show the additional trim on the left side of the upper cabinet adjacent to the outlet that the microwave will use. It may have just been camera angle, but I was thinking that the extra width from the trim piece would booger up layouts and cause the upper above the microwave to have its right edge straddling the receptacle. Did this actually cause a problem or just chalk it up to parallax?