Monday, April 2, 2007

Shingle Blues

Since before we purchased the house, we knew it was going to need a new roof. From what we can tell, the house currently has two layers of shingles, meaning we really need to tear those off before installing new shingles. Today I spent some time after work cooking a rack of ribs, and got some time to inspect things a little more outside. There are some areas which are really in need, but the only leak I know of is in the garage. It only drips right in front of the garage door, so there is no additional damage being done at this time so it's not a 100% MUST-DO at this time, but it'll be done before summer really gets here (hopefully). How many roofs have I torn off and/or installed in my years of home renovation? Well, none. But I've also successfully done a lot of other things that I've never before done on my house. To add to the fun, the lawn is starting to come to life and it's twice as large as my previous lot. A 1/2 acre with a walk-behind mower should be good for me, although I'm not thrilled when I think of how much time it'll take.

Scrap Metal or a Backup?

Yesterday I put the old sump pump out for today's garbage pickup. I don't know why it surprises me, but this morning it was gone, along with 8' of metal vent tube from the dryer I also put out there. Maybe somebody wants to cash it in for scrap value, but I think it's more likely that it was taken for use as a backup pump. Either way, I hope the effort pays off for whoever took it. Personally, I wouldn't take one even as a backup considering you can get a new one for $50.00. Last thing I'd want to rely on when my pump dies is another pump of the same age. On that same note, eventually I'll get around to installing a battery backup pump in the sump well. My dad got it for me about a year ago, and luckily for me I was too lazy to install it in our previous house. This place gets more water into the well and our power lines aren't as new/reliable here, so it'll be a great addition and should give me plenty of peace of mind.

I also finally timed it right and checked the new pump with the well full and ready to go. The new pump is slower to empty the well than the old pump (it's only a 1/3 hp motor), but it's much quieter and there is no backflow of water when it's done. Unless my basement floods, I'm not worried about the speed.