Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pimp my Toyshelf

Or, as my son call it, his "Flaming Green Toyshelf of Death". My father-in-law made this for him a few years back and I finally got around to painting it. As you can see, I watch too many car shows. Chip Foose makes painting flames so easy, I had to try it. For a first effort, it wasn't bad. Two-tone green, with blue pinstriped flames.


If all goes as planned, I should have a new roof installed about a week, including the tear-off of two layers of existing shingles. Based on my public high school math calculations, I'll need 20 square, or 60 bundles of 3-tab for a 2,000 square foot roof (size is rounded up and includes some extra material to be safe, plus it accounts for the pitch of the roof). Including the roofing felt, starter strip, and ice & water shield I'm expecting to spend around $1,300-1,500 on materials. I found that the local Menard's will also accept the "10% off on up to $500" peel-off coupons I have for Home Depot. Suck it, HD, I'm not buying from you unless I have to! The coupons are only good for orders up to $500, but the guy I am working with at Menard's will do multiple $500 receipts for me allowing me to save more. Those savings will pay for the delivery charge (I'm having the shingles delivered directly to the roof) and the building permit. Yeah, I actually have to pay $50.00 to the city for the privilege of re-roofing my house. The following picture sucks, but the Owens Corning Skyview 25 Year shingles in Sienna look to be a good color match for our house. From a short distance, they look very much like the more expensive shingles. Having a new roof on the place will really be a load off of my shoulders, and should help boost the value of the house at the same time.