Friday, May 8, 2009

Getting the Garden Started

It was a nice day so I decided to get started on the garden. I've had the tarp down over the grass for about 5 days in an effort to kill the grass.

It didn't work out quite as well as I had hoped, probably because I didn't cut the grass real short before putting the tarp down.

The ground was still pretty damp, and since our ground contains a lot of clay it didn't till as well as I had hoped.

Either way, the tiller did a pretty good job cutting through the sod. The tiller was certainly worth the price I paid (free).

Over the weekend, if the weather is good I plan to hit the store and pick up some landscape timbers to frame the garden. Then a few yards of topsoil to fill it in and I should be all set for planting.

Since it's late in the season to start with seeds we'll just put in plants from a local greenhouse.

More to come.