Friday, May 8, 2009

Getting the Garden Started

It was a nice day so I decided to get started on the garden. I've had the tarp down over the grass for about 5 days in an effort to kill the grass.

It didn't work out quite as well as I had hoped, probably because I didn't cut the grass real short before putting the tarp down.

The ground was still pretty damp, and since our ground contains a lot of clay it didn't till as well as I had hoped.

Either way, the tiller did a pretty good job cutting through the sod. The tiller was certainly worth the price I paid (free).

Over the weekend, if the weather is good I plan to hit the store and pick up some landscape timbers to frame the garden. Then a few yards of topsoil to fill it in and I should be all set for planting.

Since it's late in the season to start with seeds we'll just put in plants from a local greenhouse.

More to come.


stacy said...

That's nice that you have started work on Garden. Sometime we should spare our time to do that. we'll feel good.

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Lawrence said...

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Thanks Jeff for the nice post. Hope to see more pictures of your garden.

william said...

I think sometime it is needed to renovate garden. That's very nice that you did it. I am also going to renovate my garden in weekend.


maco1 said...

That's great you have time to work in the garden. I'd suggest that if you are changing the grass species first make sure your original grass is fully killed including the root system. If not it will grow through the new grass.
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Gabrielle Jeromy said...

Congratulations on getting the garden started! Having a garden is a great idea. What kind of plants are you planning to grow?

Gabrielle Jeromy

Jamie said...

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Allan Murray said...

It has been said that renovation add more value to your house. And that renovation did well to turn this house into a new one. Congratulations.

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