Thursday, February 7, 2008

One of my Biggest Fans

Replacing a fan - an easy job that makes a big difference on the look of a room. Unless you're incompetent when it comes to all things electrical, like the previous owner of my house.

The house came with three ceiling fans, each one uglier than the last. All three were the same style, and the kitchen fan even included some hideous 80's style lighting.

With yesterday's Blizzard-of-Death-'08 bearing down on us I took a break from playing with the Snowblower-of-Death and replaced the fugly-ass fan in the living room. You can tell by the paint around the trim that I took lots of care when I painted the ceiling.

I'm not about to do a step-by-step on how to change a ceiling fan. Fact is, if you need to find help from me to do anything, you're in more trouble than you know.

At 6'3" (6'8" in my favorite pumps) I wanted a fan that also hugged the ceiling more. Into the picture is a new Hunter fan. It came with a God-awful light kit which I decided to break and throw away.

Ceiling fan tips:
- Push the air up into the ceiling in the winter to force warm air in the rest of the room down.
- Push air down from the fan in the summer to make it feel cooler.
- Or maybe I've got those two backwards.
- Sharpen the edges of the blades or line them with razor blades if you really want to create a spinning vortex of death.
- Ceiling fans are usually not strong enough to support the full weight of a noose and adult unless you install additional blocking in the ceiling.
- Rewiring the fan for faster operation will never get your house airborne. You'll have to join the Mile High club some other way.


EGE said...

Dang! I tuned you out for a few weeks thinking you were all X-boxed out, and in turns out you were actually DOING things.

Who knew?

Muskego Jeff said...

You're forgiven.
I'd have a lot more done if we could actually match up good weather and time off from work to get the electrical system upgraded. I've got a major 2nd wind ready for some renovation work.

Jayne said...

Hilarious! Kinda sick, too, but then that's why I keep coming back for more.

Dorky Dad said...

I have changed WAAAAY too many ceiling fans in my life. It's like the one thing I can do well around the house. Well, besides sit on the couch, that is.