Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Now THAT's a Snow Job!

Storm of the decade.

The "perfect" storm.


Whatever you want to call it, there's a whole sh1t-load of snow on the ground which wasn't here 24 hours ago.

Some areas are expecting 16-20". I'm guessing I'll end up with around 14" of heavy, wet snow. Luckily I remembered to hose the inside of the snow-discharge chute with WD-40 before starting snow-removal, or I'd be running into jam after jam in the snowblower.

The snow started somewhat light yesterday afternoon. By bedtime we had around 4". This morning around 5-6", and the storm was looking like it might not hit as bad as expected. Weathermen were still promising a huge storm, but they've been wrong before.

Either way, schools were closed and the kids were staying home. I was in to work this morning at 6:30, planning to take a half-day. I got home and started snow-blowing at about noon, removing around 8" of snow.

3 hours later I had to do it again, removing around 6" of new snow.

And it's still snowing, so I'm guessing that I'll break out the snow blower one more time tonight.

The sick thing is that I actually like it. The snow looks great when it's fresh, and the house feels nice and warm after busting ass removing snow from the driveway.

Unfortunately, this means just one more delay in getting the electrical system upgraded. Every time we have it scheduled, the weather screws up the plans. Go figure...

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