Sunday, September 2, 2007

Attn: Murphy. Your Laws Suck!

Ok, so the other day when I gave myself the pop-quiz as to what the long weekend had in store I said I was going to get rolling on the living room work (yeah, and also check out what those wacky Germans do for fun). The answer I gave for the quiz was off - it should have been "F: Pull a back muscle moving furniture and lay on the floor for an hour by myself in the house hoping I don't suddenly have to take a wicked leak cause there was no way I'd make it to the bathroom in less than 20 minutes."

Luckily (?) I've been through this before and knew this one wasn't too bad, but it did force me to put the bulk of the work on hold for most of the day. Towards the end of the day I was able to move around enough to get the lighter furniture moved and all the trim taped. Today I got rolling on the rolling, and am putting down a coat of primer with some sand texture added to make the texture look new. I was going to spray new knock-down texture, but the more I look at it, the more I'm happy with the sand texture. Plus, it's a hell of a lot less messy and time-consuming. Once I put down the final coat of paint, the sharp texture of the new sand should blend in nicely with the old sand.

What's really taking a metric ass-load of time is actually rolling the paint instead of spraying. I love how fast and easy it is to spray, but the overspray and having to cover EVERYTHING sucks when the house is full of stuff. Doing bedrooms isn't bad since those can easily be emptied of everything, but the living room has couches, TV, etc., which I don't want to mess with. Before & after pics will be posted when I get around to it. But first, it's time to head to HD to use a gift-card I got from my Realtor. It's out of the way and I don't like spending money there, but free is free and I need new paintbrushes.


Fargo 1928 said...

Ouch! Not good! I've got some futon-induced issues myself, and it sucks to have to keep workin' while you're hurtin'.

In the next couple days I plan to be priming the new walls I've gotten up, and I got the sand to put in the primer. I'm hoping it will look more like the old plaster that way, but I'm worried it will be a pain to work with. I've heard that the sand all drops to the bottom of the paint and you have to continually stir it while you're paining. You should let me know if you have any tips after you try it.

Muskego Jeff said...

Careful what you use for sand. I use an additive which looks like regular sand, but others use a real fine sandbox sand to mimic the look of plaster. The stuff I use is probably way too large of particulate to fake the look of plaster. (I got that info from another blog a few months back - if it's wrong, figure out where I read it and complain to them! )

Jayne said...

I noticed you covered the skid-mark brown carpet with a drop cloth. Why?!? Were you afraid you'd ruin it?? ;)

Muskego Jeff said...

I love that dropcloth. 4'wide x 12'long. Works great for halls. I hate that carpet, but I need to live with it for another year until the rest of the renovation is done, so I may as well try to keep it from looking like crap (damn, too late!).