Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Quiz

You just send the wife and kids away camping with friends for 3 days - what do you do?

A. Max out the credit cards (before they do the same on camping supplies) on strippers and booze.
B. Get rid of a full 20 yard dumpster.
C. Find out if what they say about German porn is true.
D. Use the free time to get rolling on the living room renovation.

Answer? E. All of the above, obviously.

The dumpster was picked up a short three hours after I called, which is about 72 hours faster than I expected them since they didn't know if they'd have somebody in the area before Tuesday due to the upcoming holiday. Again, this company has earned my repeat business and I'll recommend them without hesitation.

I'm starting on D after I get the living room cleaned out a bit of all the extra stuff I won't need in the way. Should be fun..... lots of fun.....

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