Sunday, April 19, 2009

Taking Advantage of a Nice Day

It's been too long since I did any work in the garage. About all I've done in the past 8 months out there was making it messier.

Took care of that today, and got things about half-way done.

All the big stuff was pulled out and rearranged. I also broke out the leaf-blower and got all the old leaves and dust out.

I still need to go through all the stuff on shelves and clean off the work bench so I can tune up the chainsaws and do some other work which wouldn't be appreciated on the kitchen table.


Luke Rickbeil's Website said...

Are you still happy with your Ikea cabinets? We are thinking of having them installed by someone recommended by them, but I think that includes dealing with the trim and stuff. I have heard mixed reviews on their quality, but not necessarily from someone who actually owns them.

Muskego Jeff said...

I am completely happy with them and would buy them again. Obviously they are not high-end cabinets, but they're not priced like high-end cabinets either.

There are a couple of things that are a little annoying, such as having to assemble them yourself, but if it really saves money I can't complain.

The instructions are also a little light on how to use the trim pieces. I think it would be incredibly handy if IKEA would sell a few other types of trim to match the cabinet finishes.

Let's face it, every home has different obstacles to face when renovating a kitchen. Different style trim pieces would just make the job easier.

The best thing I did before buying and installing the cabinets was to draw up the entire kitchen in a free CAD program. This way I could tell how everything would fit, I knew which filler panels were needed, and could work out the bugs before spending a penny. The only thing I didn't figure correctly was the kick panel - I need one more piece but can buy that when I go to get the cabinets for the other side of the kitchen.

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