Monday, May 5, 2008

A Counter Top Decision has been Made

For months we've been kicking the options around regarding the new counter top. Solid surface or granite tile. Solid surface has a lot of features we really like. It's non-porous, it can be fixed if a corner is broken off, it won't stain easily, no grout lines, etc., etc., etc. Granite, on the other hand, just looks fvcking fantastic.

We decided to go with looks and deal with the extra work - we're going with granite tile.

I picked up the material yesterday to do the first two small counter tops, the ones which flank the stove. One cabinet is 25" wide and the other 31". I had 8 of the 12" tiles in the Mountain Green already from a previous remodel project, so I was able to save $80.00 right off the bat.

As with most tile purchases, the standard square pieces without special edge work are the cheapest. When you get into the trim and edge pieces you often have to dig deep into the wallet, cause that stuff is damn expensive. A 12" pencil trim piece 1/2" wide is the same price as a full 12x12 tile. The thick edge treatments can easily run $30 or more per linear foot.

For these two tops, I'm going to end up spending about $500 in material, including the grout, thinset, and base material. The larger counter top on the other side of the kitchen (the half of the kitchen I haven't started tearing apart yet) will probably cost twice that amount. I'm kind of afraid to put pencil to paper to figure out what it'll cost...

Overall, that's about what I'd spend for a solid surface counter from the company I work for. I'm sure I'll take a lot of crap from co-workers when they find out I went with granite instead of a product we make, but I have to live here, so I might as well be happy with the way the place looks. So screw 'em.

Over the next couple of days I'm going to get the plywood and cement board for the base and get things rolling. By the end of this coming weekend I plan to have the counter tops done. Then I can focus on the 30 other little projects which still need to be done before I can start demo on the remaining half of the kitchen.

Oh, and since I did the trim-work since I last posted a picture of the kitchen, here's how it looks now with some of the lower molding and door handles. I've got all the food put away and found that I've got a LOT more room than we had previously. I also really like the drawers instead of doors for the lower cabinets. Since they pull out all the way I can make full use of each drawer's room. The cardboard counter tops in this picture are just temporary (I hope).


Iowa Greyhound said...

You know you're well into the project when money becomes an "oh well" item. The granite will look great!

I like the look of your nexus, it's a look different than mine, I like it,

Anonymous said...

Have you looked into solid granite countertops? I really must say that, with what you're calculating the tile will end up costing you, you may be surprised to find it comparable in price. Just a tip...we're currently doing our counters, as well, and granite can tend to run LESS that solid surface products. And without the extra 'fancy' pieces of never know until you look. :)

Jennifer said...

I would agree on checking into solid granite... but it may still be the most economical to go with tiles if the granite you want is a more expensive one.

Go with what you want... your coworkers don't live htere!

Muskego Jeff said...

I've shopped solid granite and it was easily more expensive. It looks a little better, but not enough to make up for the cost difference.

Solid surface would end up being cheapest for me because the company my wife and I work for makes it, but we just like the look of granite more.