Friday, March 21, 2008

Is it Winter Already?!?

This morning when I left for work around 6:15 it was dark out. Even in the darkness, I knew there was no snow.

At 5:00 the same day:

The Minivan-o'-Deth is covered in about 8" of heavy packing snow. The local fish-wrap is predicting 10-15" before it's all over. That normally means we'll get 2" or 40". So far, they're not far off, and the fun is expected to last through the night.

Moral of the story: if you tell Mother Nature that you'll still respect her in the morning, don't post naked pictures of her with a donkey on the internet from her own computer while she's still passed out. I swear they were Photoshopped!

On the good side, I finally got a good chance to try the 4wd capabilities of the Jeep and am extremely impressed with how well it goes through snow. I had about 14" of snow at the end of the drive and it just crawled right through it without spinning the tires or making a running start. It never felt out of control and didn't slide a bit on the hard-packed snow-covered roads.

I really need to put a hitch and some recovery hooks on it though. I carry two tow straps just in case, but have nowhere good to hook them up except for the axles, and I'm not a fan of using them like that.

Once Spring gets here....

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