Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bring it on, Mother Nature!

I'm calling Mother Nature out, and daring her to bring her A-game with some snow. Any normal person wants winter to end, the snow to melt, and the ice to disappear.

Newsflash, I'm not normal.

I'm also itching to try out the new (to me) get-away vehicle, a '95 Jeep Cherokee which should be plenty capable of carrying any home renovation material I've got planned.

Nothing fancy, and far fewer bells & whistles than the previous get-away minivan-of-death. Fine with me, as that means less crap to go wrong. Power windows, locks, seats, etc are fine when a car is new, but after a few years, good luck with all those electronics. Ask me how I know...

It's been years since I've had 4wd, and I remember how much fun it was being able to go through just about anything nature brought. The minivan-of-death wasn't bad in the snow, but considering I leave for work well before the all the roads get plowed in the morning, this should make the commute a little easier.

The only down-side of getting the Jeep is now my driveway is starting to look like a used-car lot. I've got the two minivans-of-death out front along with the red GMC in the background which I'm storing for my dad for 3-4 more weeks, plus the Jeep. One more car in the garage rounds it out.

All of 'em run and none are up on blocks, so I'm not quite to red-neck status. Yet.

So once again, Mother Nature, get your ass moving and bring the snow. If you've got the guts.


rowdiro said...

That is so funny...a little humor in home renovation is the key. we are working on our third home....probably our last my hubby says...good luck!!!

Muskego Jeff said...

Why is it your last one, is he going on a killing-spree? :)