Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tunnel Vision

There is more to life than killing mice. I've actually been doing a little extra work here and there to finish up some of the projects already started.

Trim was finished around the front door, garage was cleaned out, basement organized (a little), etc. Just nothing that really resembles a "project".

I still have a few outdoor projects to finish before winter really hits. Mulching the last of the leaves which finally fell, brining in the hoses, cleaning out the gutters. You know, fun stuff like that.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my brother "Smudgemo". Here's your cake! Sorry it's late, blame dad.


Anonymous said...


I love what you're doing with the house!

Have you considered listing it in the Home Name Registry? I think your home is perfect for it.

The website is


Muskego Jeff said...

Hi Billy!
I see your spam all over the place, as you love what everybody else is doing with their house too!

Have you considered pounding sand? I think you've got a perfect place for it.

The website is

Why the f would I pay you to call my house whatever I want to call it?


Smudgemo said...

Don't be horning in on my birthday wishes, Billy.

Dude, we should finish all the house work and move our families to Portland. Very bicycle friendly and green. I'll build you a killer commuter so you don't have to buy gas anymore. I've got the old man mildly interested.

Muskego Jeff said...

Yeah, great plan except I don't like riding bikes. Plus it'd be a hell of a commute back to work in Wisconsin...

Smudgemo said...

That's cool. Can't everyone be tough enough to ride a bike for transportation. Those women in Copenhagen are pretty tough.