Sunday, September 9, 2007

Water Pressure

Over the past few weeks, I've been noticing that our water pressure has been lower than I had remembered it being. It wasn't a major difference, but it was something that I planned on looking into at some time. Well, yesterday it really started bugging me as I noticed that water pressure dropped severely when I flushed a toilet or ran water from the tap. I checked the pressure tank and it read the same 60 pounds that it has had since we bought the place, so I figured that wasn't the problem. The next thought was that it was an issue with a clogged line somewhere, but since the copper supply lines are large enough, I figured that wasn't it either. Tracing the supply lines and checking faucets upstairs and in the basement found that all were low on pressure, so there was definitely an issue somewhere. The only thing I could find which could be the culprit was the water filter I installed. In an earlier post, I droned on and on about the water filter I installed to help combat the rust we get from our water well. About a month and a half ago I pulled the filter and cleaned it in some Super Iron Out to get rid of the excess rust. I never thought that there was other stuff clogging it, and that's what was causing my low pressure problem. A new filter was installed and we're back to normal. Some people install pressure gauges before and after their water filters which give them a visual notification as to when their filters are getting clogged. When I eventually re-plumb the supply lines for a new water softener I'll probably install a larger filter and put the gauges in. Until then, I'll just change the filter every few months and be done with it.


Jayne said...

I had a similar problem with low water pressure, and I only wish that a water filter was the culprit. Head on over to my blog and read it & weep.

Muskego Jeff said...

Wow, that would suck. Everybody around here has their own well, and ours is 10' from our house. I'd hate to have to deal with even replacing the pump, much less dealing with a broken pipe.

Paul said...


Our area is notorious for rusty well water. Everyone around here has a backwashing filter to deal with it, otherwise we would be changing filter cartridges once a week. When we put our new well on line I installed a greensand filter, it works great.