Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Living in a Fishbowl

Well, I asked for it in a previous post by calling Mother Nature out to test my chimney flashing, and although she didn't bring her A-Game, she did remind me that she wrote the rules and will enforce them at will. I've been checking my basement for signs of water during the plethora of rain we've been getting, to make sure I keep boxes and other stuff out of the water if any gets in. This afternoon, I went down and found a pretty healthy stream running from the back wall to the drain. It was coming in around one of the window wells, specifically the one by our patio. The same patio which is old, cracked, and which drains towards the house instead of away from it. You can see in the following pictures how much water is in the well - that dark line across the glass is the water level. There is easily 6" of water in that well, but none in any of the other wells. As long as the glass holds, we should be fine. If the glass fails, things could get a little messy. I'm heading down now to put a few layers of duct tape on the glass just in case.

From outside, it's not quite as evident thanks to the leaves and debris floating in the water.


jeannie said...

Holy smokes! On one hand, OMG, water in the basement, that's terrible.

On the other hand, what a hella cool photo on your blog (though that is little consolation, I know.)

jm @ houseinprogress

Muskego Jeff said...

Weird thing is that I wasn't soiling myself in panic when I saw it. There was nothing on the basement floor getting wet other than the floor itself, and the water was pretty much heading right for the floor drain. That pane of glass was already broken when we bought the house, and that was my only worry since it's strength was heavily compromised. 6" of water doesn't have enough force behind it to really do much more damage to that glass, so as long as it didn't get worse, I figured I was OK.

That picture turned out better than I expected, too. I really like my digital camera.

Smudgemo said...

I told you not to call out Mother Nature. Asking for rain is one thing, but asking for it, is quite another.