Tuesday, August 14, 2007

An Easier Way to Read Blogs

I know this may be old news for many of you, but for everybody else this could be useful (after re-reading a number of my previous posts, even I don't believe this blog has provided anything "useful" in the past).

Up until a few days ago, I bookmarked about 7 or 8 blogs which I liked to read. There were more that were of interest, but I didn't have any easy/quick way to check all of the individual blogs to look for updates. Anybody who's tried keeping up with a dozen different blogs knows what a headache it can be jumping around looking for updates.. Somewhere along the line, I read about the Google Blog Reader, which made keeping up to date with dozens of different blogs quick and easy. What I really like about it is how I can now track a couple of dozen different blogs, and each time I log on it tells me which blogs have updates. It'll also pull those updates right into the reader so I don't have to jump from blog to blog if I don't want to. It doesn't have the "charm" of the individual blogs, but I can live with that. If I want the charm, I just click on the link which takes me to the original blog. Try it if you haven't seen it. Now. I'll wait.

Google Blog Reader

Here's a picture of the program in action. As you see, you get the graphics from the blogs along with the text. If any of the blogs I'm watching had updates, they would be listed in bold on the left along with a number telling me how many new posts are on each blog. If you're completely anal retentive you can even put the blogs in folders to classify them - ranch houses, Victorian, east coast, milf, etc.


Smudgemo said...

You've got a link to a milf improvement blog? Share.

Muskego Jeff said...

Oh, did I say "milf"? I meant "bungalow". My bad.