Saturday, July 7, 2007

You Think You've Got it Bad? (Part 2)

Put a bullet in my head, I was actually pumped to get going when this picture was taken. Must have been the cat piss fumes. All this crap was shoved into the garage and the PO carted it away. We weren't delicate with the stuff, as anger and disgust became the emotions of the day. I threw out the gloves I used to pull up the carpet. They ended up with what I assume to be a layer of cat piss on 'em. They stunk and felt oily.

Another view of all the crap.

The kitchen cabinets were solid and in decent shape. Looking back, we should have ripped them out and replaced them. We ended up pulling off the hardware, de-greasing them (that was fun...), sanding them, and painting them. WAY too much work - replacing them would have saved a LOT of time.

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