Saturday, July 14, 2007

Trying for 100%

As you can see on my Project Tracker bars, I've got three rooms (the 1/2 bath and two of the three bedrooms) at 99% done. All three rooms have a minor task or two which needs to be finished, and I think I've put those tasks off long enough. The toilet in the 1/2 bath needs the flange bolts cut down to size so the caps can be installed, my son's bedroom window screen needs to be replaced, and a little paint touch-up is needed in my daughter's room. All minor stuff, and since I don't have any other projects lined up right now (I'm getting ready to do the roof.... yay.) I might as well finish some stuff off.

Oh, I also updated the style of the blog. The previous grey color scheme was getting a little boring.


Billie said...

Like the tile banner! You're making me jealous with all your ambition. Hey wait I had some of one time....gotta get it back.
Seriously looking good!

Muskego Jeff said...

Thanks - I was jealous of all the cool banners people had while I had the plain one. I finally looked up and found a good (and free) program which allowed me to do it, called