Monday, July 30, 2007

Roofing, Part Deux

In part one, we learned that our hero (me) was getting ready to re-roof his house. Well, that original plan was pushed back a week and we're now going to start the fun this coming Wednesday. Good timing, as things turned out, since this past Wednesday (which was the original start date) was the first day in a month which we saw rain. Today I went and got the material ordered and scheduled for delivery Wednesday afternoon. My original quote from Menards for $50 delivery plus $.75 per bundle for rooftop delivery-by-boom is now a no-go. I thought I had a great deal with that, but it actually got better. Now the $50 delivery includes a forklift instead of the boom to lift the pallet to the roof where I unload it. Either way I had to unload the material, now I just have to walk a few feet per bundle. I can live with that! I had also expected to use my Home Depot pocket-peeler to save 10% per bundle on the shingles, but they're on sale at a price which saves me $.50/bundle off of the price I expected to pay, which almost pays for the delivery charge! Yay for me! Menards must be having a sale on roofing, because only the felt and shingle starter strips weren't on sale. Material cost: $1240.50 with tax and shipping. I expect to have to purchase some additional misc material like flashing for the chimney, but hopefully I'll find no surprises as the old roof is removed and the decking is exposed for the first time in 45 years. Considering the good luck I've had with the material costs, I'm probably screwed.

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