Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's About Time to Take a New Outdoor Picture

The header picture on my blog was taken when we were in the process of buying the house. That was in February, when there was a foot of snow on the ground. Well, it's summer (sort of), so it's about time that I update the picture. It's hard to tell, but the driveway is actually pretty large. Two cars wide and at least long enough to park 6 full size cars, plus 2 more in the garage (if it weren't full of stuff already).

That was then:

This is now:

Part of the process of getting the walls ready for new texture and paint includes patching the holes in the walls from where the half-walls were removed. This is in the front entrance, where a 1/4 height wall was removed. It still needs a little sanding and a final skim coat of drywall compound. My dad was in town for the second time since we purchased the place and asked why we had a section of carpet removed. He forgot that there were walls there, as it looks "normal" without them. Without knowing (remembering) that there was once a wall here, it just looks like the carpet is screwed up. That's what I wanted.

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