Saturday, June 2, 2007

Grout - It's not Just for Breakfast Anymore

The tile has been in for a week, and I haven't gotten around to grouting it in that time. Too many other little projects got in the way, including a Friday night baseball game - Brewers over the Marlins. The company my wife and I work for had a contest which my team took 2nd place in. The prize was tickets to the game and seats in one of the luxury suites. Plenty of catered food, booze and soda, and a Don Sutton bobble-head doll. This was actually the first game I've seen at Miller Park, since it replaced the old County Stadium. Got some time to hob-nob with the company CEO and a few dozen other people. Much better than busting my back grouting!

(Pardon the poor picture quality. This picture was taken on my camera phone)

By Saturday afternoon, I finally got around to taking care of the grouting of the tile at the front entrance. I haven't done the larger area in the kitchen yet, but hopefully that will be done tomorrow. The front entrance tile used almost a full 9 pound bucket of sanded grout. That same 9 pounds of grout should cover a larger area when I do the kitchen, as I'm grouting around 12" tiles so there is just plain less to grout per square foot. Over the next few days, I'll re-moisten the grout to help it cure a little more slowly. Next weekend, I'll seal it and consider it done.


Smudgemo said...

It looks good, but I was wondering exactly when grout ever was just for breakfast...

Muskego Jeff said...

It's all about the fiber. One serving of grout is equal to eating three pine cones.