Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rust Update

The rust in the water finally got to me. After two months of living here, the white bathtub looked orange. Toilets were getting more staining in the bowls by the day. Even the new whole-house water filter I installed was turning orange. It was time to kick it up a notch! I did a little research on the Internet (there is stuff out there other than videos of Lebanese cat-juggling! I hadn't thought of it earlier, but the salt I was adding to my water softener is available in a version which helps get rid of rust (Morton's, in a green bag). There is also a liquid you add to the brine before the daily flushing of the system which helps remove rust from the media in the softener. I added the new salt and poured in a half-cup of the liquid and had the softener recharge. As it was purging the system, the water coming out had smelled heavily of sulfer and was very off-color. The stuff was working! Two hours later (how long it takes to cycle the softener) I ran it again to try and remove even more rust buildup from the softener. Today, I see a big difference in the color of the water in the toilet. Yes, I mean after I flushed.... It's much clearer. The water filter is still heavily coated with rust, so tonight that comes out and gets washed off, which will hopefully make the water condition that much better.

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