Monday, April 16, 2007

I've Got Priorities

Multiple choice:

You have a half-hour to kill before anybody gets home - what do you do?

A. Take a nap
B. Eat a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies
C. Surf for Asian midget p0rn
D. Destroy ugly 60's architecture

Answer: D. I've already got C taken care of and I'm out of Girl Scout cookies. "A" was a trick to weed out the weak.

Before, I had the remains of the half-wall between the kitchen and living room:

After, I've got ugly carpet, linoleum, and some patching to do before I start the floor tile. I think the dog is starting to get used to the noise and dust (finally) :

I had hoped to remove enough of the wall to make the bottom half even with the top half, but there is an electrical out let very close to what is now the corner of the wall, so I'll end up bumping out the top portion of the wall about 1/2" to match the lower half. Either way I've got patching to do, but it's all worth it. If you've ever watched those home flipping shows and were amazed at how much larger a room looks when a wall is removed, that's what we're experiencing right now. Even though it wasn't a "full" wall to begin with, it really feels larger in these rooms now.

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